How to Sew With Seam Binding – A Quick Way to Finish Edges

Many patterns use lining for bodices, blouses, and neck edges. However, some call for finishing the neck edge and/or other edge with seam binding tape. For summer weight clothing, this is often ideal, as you don’t need two layers of fabric to finish the neck edge.

Some sleeves are hemmed at the edges, but seam binding or bias tape can be used to finish sleeve edges as well. Often sleeveless blouses or jumpers use binding tape to finish the edge, also.

Seam binding tape is also known as bias tape. This is a long thin strip of material, “cut on the bias”, which allows the material to sit flat when being sewn along a curve. The material used varies from simple cotton to fancy satins, in very narrow widths to a couple of inches wide, from unfolded to pre-folded, and all the colors of the rainbow.

Most patterns tell you to cut a length of seam binding tape about 1/2 inch longer than the length of your edge. Then you sew wrong side of binding to wrong side of edge, press the tape over to the right side, and stitch down the middle of it on the right side.

Another method is to slip the fabric in the crease of the seam binding like a sandwich and sew close to the edge. This is especially quick as you only sew the tape once, rather than twice as in the previous method.

Using a satin seam binding tape can add a delicate, luxurious touch to your garment. You can use either matching or contrasting color for designer effects.

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