How To Get A Clue About Sewing

The Least You Need To Know About Sewing I confess that I do not know a great deal about sewing. When I was in junior high (that dates me), I took a course called Home Living. They taught us guys and gals how to do basic sewing stitches. But, believe it or not, when I was a boy scout, there was a merit badge in there somewhere for knowing how to sew and stitch. Sewing is not a skill that belongs strictly within the female ranks and everyone should know how to do some very basic sewing. What is the least you need to know about sewing?

We need to know the elemental items of Sewing 101 in order to begin. Depending upon what it is you need to do, whether you need to create something from patterns, screen print a t-shirt, or maybe you need patterns for free quilting, or dressmaking patterns, you have to know what tools and materials go into making the creation that you want.

That may sound like a screwy approach to getting the sewing tools you need, but it is really just like anything else. When I learned to play guitar, I learned my first three chord song. Then I learned a second song that had a couple of extra chords. After so long of doing this, before you knew it, I had a complete collections of chords in my head and I could play almost any song I wanted to play at will from this collection.

This is what will happen with your sewing. You may start off wanting to make a t-shirt. You will need the fabric, the thread, the band material, the patterns, and the instructions on how to sew it together. Next you may want to make a pair of jeans. For that, you will need different material and tools. After you have targeted a dozen things to make, you will watch your sewing tools increase exponentially, but at least you will not have tools you never ever use. Following this method will be a little expensive at the outset because you are going through “tooling up” costs. But, once you have been doing it for awhile, you will find that you have most of what you need, and that you need to pick up the occasional item or two.

So, what is the least you need to know about sewing? You have to know the actual things you are going to need to make something. That will involve at the least, sewing thread, a machine, a fair knowledge of how to use that machine, fabric, and patterns with detailed instructions, along with any other materials that the patterns call for.

You may want to know what fabric stores exist in your area. More importantly, you may want to know where the thrift stores are. I have seen so much thrown away in the dumpsters in the back it is unreal. If you are not so persnickety that you are willing to look for a bargain in less than normal circumstances, you can certainly find them. click here to read full article