Create your own Sewing Circle

The term Sewing Circle emanates from 1840’s America, describing a group of people (especially women) who meet regularly for the purpose to sew. Moving from the original definition to men and women alike, who perhaps would like to set up their own weekly group to pull out needle and thread, swap fabrics and skills over a cup of tea or a glass of wine and get creative with friends. It’s simple to set up your own sewing circle, and with a few helpful guiders you can turn your thoughts into practical action. This is a handy little guide to help you turn your creative ideas into reality, and confidently set up your own sewing circle.   Firstly, establish what size you would like your group to be so that you get the right balance of sewers. To keep momentum in your group it is preferable to have at least 4 people in your sewing circle, this way you will have more sewing materials to create with, and also an incentive to keep the group going. Keep the size of your group relative to where your venue will be.

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So considering the venue, it is helpful to think about if you are interested in a group that is for hand sewing only, or would you like to have your sewing machine there too? If you want the freedom to use your machine, hosting the meeting at someone’s house who has enough room is ideal. If you want to hand sew many cafes, pubs and local libraries are happy to host sewing circles and would welcome a new group setting this up for them.  Approach somewhere you feel comfortable and that would be a reliable place to host a regular sewing circle.

When you have a venue and your group established, you should set a schedule of how often the group will meet? What time suits the sewing members to get together? Do you feel the group would benefit from an organiser?

Or would it benefit from a more fluid structure?  – How To Sew – Sewing Techniques & Tips – CLICK HERE

It is worth considering skill sharing, do any members feel more comfortable teaching new skills? Or are all the sewers happy to learn new skills and share their own?

Perhaps there are not only the members of sewing circle going to be involved in your group, there may be childcare needs to consider. This can be a lovely way to meet up with other mums and dads through a sewing circle, especially if the children are not able to play havoc with the sewing machine and needles yet! Or there maybe the opportunity to set something up within the local school where your children go, a sewing group could be a wonderful resourceful addition.